Walnut Mountain
ELLIJAY, GEORGIA   706-635-2565
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Walnut Mountain
3808 Turniptown Rd #4030 
Ellijay, GA 30536 
PH 706-635-2565 FAX 706-276-2565
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2017 Board: 
President: Terry Frazier (term ends 2018)
1610 Walnut Ridge #4356
Ellijay, GA  30536

2017 Board: Directors
John Keown (term ends 2020)
528 Laurel Ridge Drive #4061
Ellijay, GA
Chairperson: NO COMMITTEE
 Greg Gamble (term ends 2018)
394 Skyview Drive #4362
Ellijay, GA 30536
Chairperson: Governing Document review/revision
Vice President: Andy Baughcum (term ends 2020)
718 Skyview Drive #4101
Ellijay, GA 30536 
Phone 404-606-4448
Allen Dennis (term ends 2019)
30 Laurel Ridge Ct.
Ellijay, GA 30536
Phone: 646-265-9433
Email: afosterd@me.com
Chairperson: ACC
The mountain is managed by a Board of Directors (BOD), who are Property Owners, volunteers of their time, efforts and talents. Property owners elect board members at the Annual Property Owners' Meeting in July. In July 2016, the number of board positions dropped to nine per the approved March 2014 Amendment.

Marjory Walsh (term ends 2019
40 Laurel Lane #4316
Ellijay, GA  30536
Phone:: 404-641-7565
Email: marjorywalsh@etcmail.com
Chairperson: Events
Secretary: Bob DeMeo (term ends 2020)
1789 Walnut Ridge #4107
Ellijay, GA  30536
Phone: 706-698-4040
Emai: bobga60@yahoo.com
Chairperson: Nominations
Linda Dickerson (term ends 2019
1534 Walnut Ridge #4064
Ellijay, GA   30536
Email: stormykate02@bellsouth.net
Chairpesson: Safety & Firewise
Don Nickle (term ends 2018)
549 Mountain Oak Road #4123
Ellijay, GA  30536
Phone:706-636-2741 Cell:770-654-5250
Chairperson: Communications