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Garden Club
President:  Joan Blomquist

The Walnut Mountain Garden Club was founded in August, 1998 to help beautify the Walnut Mountain community, to provide education of plants and planting, to provide a community service as well as a social group for its garden loving members. Men and women work side by side with both enjoying the benefits of the group.

The Club does seasonal decorations for the central welcoming area of Walnut Mountain and provides opportunities for field trips. As we hold craft workshops throughout the year, the Club participates in the annual Craft Fair, typically held in November each year.

Current officers for 2015 are as follows:
    President: Joan Blomquist
    Vice President: Susan Harden
    Secretary: Donna Lee Fowlie
    Alternate Secretary: Bernadette Lee
    Treasurer: Bob Demeo

​There are 32 members who attend the 6:00 pm monthly meetings held on the second Thursday of each month throughout the year. A potluck supper with various themes begins the evening followed by a business meeting and educational segment. A warm welcome is extended to all property owners on the mountain to join our Club anytime.

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